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Viral videos / Students-generated content

Viral videos are a very effective type of content that gives visibility to a movement or a cause. As Internet users we know several viral videos. But there is no exact formula to create a viral video. This type of content becomes viral once it is published because it has a very attractive component that attracts the attention of users and creates in them the will to see and repudiate them.

When someone creates a video, it does not create it waiting for it to become viral, but in the long run, it becomes very popular without waiting for it. Normally the content of these videos contains catchy songs, characteristic dances or funny components.

When a Viral video comes out, the video isn’t actually viral. Viewers are the ones who share the video with his friends and followers or other contacts. The massive sharing of this videos and the engagement that it creates makes the video viral.

Viral videos are at the top of the social media for an ephemeral time and when it dies, the video can’t be.

The pros of make a video viral are that you reach the top of what a content creator expects, but there are some disadvantages because the public opinion can criticize the video in a bad way and this can be bad for your reputation as a content creator

Some examples of viral videos (or videos which could be viral, to consider viral video should gain 5M reviews – professor remark) are:

  • The Running Man Challenge: Born in April 2016, It consisted in dancing a song by acting like you are running. It became popular when some big personalities, overall in sports sectors started to share it on their social media personal pages.


  • Mannequin Challenge: This challenge consisted of just freeze while listening to the song “Black Beatles-Rae Sremmund”. It became very popular in November 2016.

  • Harlem Shake: This Challenge consisted in just stay normal until the beat drops. This kind of video has been very popular since February 2013.

  • Gangnam Style: A song created by PSY, a south korean singer that has reached 3 .117.243.805 reproductions in You Tube, its lyrics and dances are remembered now, 6 years after the post of the video.


Studets-generated content. Authors: Ricard Banús, Arnau Estanyol, Sergi Pardo & Pau Torrente